Tuesday, March 15, 2011

After the Final Bottle of Bailey's

Ok, so another day has dawned and I have had a chance to sober up calm down after watching "The Bachelor" finale. Yes, I will be quite honest, it took me a LOT of Bailey's to get through that pointless episode. After Womack proposed, I was just so drunk OVER it, that I went to bed.

The Take Home Message from last night: Don't Drink and Blog!
Anyway, now that it's the next day, I'm seeing some clips, etc, on TV of the After The Final Rose. So I am now watching that little "special," which seems like it actually IS interesting.

So obviously first out comes Chantal, to meet up with Brad. Womack walks out and is like "OHhhhhhhh it's awkward!!! It's SO AWKWARD!!" Uhmm, yeah NOW it is. So arrogant! And he's all "Oh, are you all right??!!" Please!! Yes, she is fine, she dodged a bullet by getting dumped by you. I don't know.... I found their conversation to be OK.When I was thinking all along that Brad was going to choose Chantal, I was thinking that I could really see them together, and that she really felt something special for him. But now that he did NOT choose her, I feel more like she is just that kind of annoying-ish, very pushy girl who kind of just gets whatever she wants. Which is good for her... but not so much my style. Another thing that really struck me about Chantal is that I really feel like she is just VERY open and has a VERY open heart. Like I just find it interesting that she can sit up there and fully cry and be emotional and sad over what happened with Brad, while at the same time having moved on and found another guy. Pretty interesting and I guess something to be admired... like it's the opposite of what Emily keeps saying about "not wanting to be hurt again."

So now to the main course --- Brad and Emily reunited on the stage together for the first time as a couple for the world to see. Wow. I don't really know what to make of all this. So BRAD says that he loves Emily so much, that he would marry her right now. He has been looking for her all his life and he is NOT going to let her go. He is even so paranoid about losing her, that he asks Chris is she is going to come out and break up with him.... definitely a valid concern and something that this show is NOT above!Emily comes out and we find out that she's really not so much into it. She claims they are "together" or whatever, and even "engaged," but that she is NOT going to marry him now, NOR is she even going to move to Austin right now.

So, wow, I don't know. What is everyone else's opinion?!?!?!?!!! I mean, I think she is obviously very SMART not to just jump into this ridiculously and pretend like it's all easy, breezy and beautiful. But also.... I really don't know if she really is even all that into him?? I mean, she could LITERALLY marry probably just about ANYONE she wanted to. So, I REALLY do not know if I see this working out. I mean, they ARE being honest, but uh.... I guess sometimes the truth hurts!
I was also kind of surprised to hear Emily talk about how jealous she was of watching Brad with all the other women. I don't think anyone has really admitted that before. Or if they did, they were like "Oh it sux, but I totally understand!!!" Like they have been so beaten down and just are so glad to be picked, that they will accept any treatment. But Emily is NOT like that. I think she KNOWS that she does not need to put up with that kind of shiz. I was also glad to hear her admit how boring she came off on the show.

When she was like "Well one of the issues we need to work out is his temper," I was like DAMN!!! That is pretty bad, in my opinion!!! If one of your flaws is having a bad temper, then uhmm... yikes!! I just don't know. I guess for me personally, that would be a deal-breaker!! But I guess there are some people out there who enjoy a bit of drama and spice in their relationships. ALSO, I did NOT really guess that about Brad actually!! I sensed that he had a darker, like drunker side, which his whole Texas Gentleman act is meant to cover, but I actually did NOT guess that he had anger management issues. Someone who I DID peg as an Angry Man was Mr. Jake Pavelka... but yeah, Brad hid it well from me!
Next up, they trot out the ONLY three successful couples in the history of the show. Right?? No one else made it, did they? Yet Harrison was like "Some of the favorite couples!" Hahahaha!! No, more like the ONLY couples that are still together.

I felt like this part was pretty funny, as they all tried to "relate" to Emily and give the "happy" couple advice. Not to be rude, but NONE of those girls comes close to being as beautiful as Emily, who I thought looked extra pretty last night. Her hair was SLIGHTLY darker blonde, and straighter... so she looked REALLY pretty... like the fake blonde Dolly Parton (who I love) look was toned down a little. Am I the only person who thinks Emily is like SOOOOOOO pretty, or does everyone feel that way? I mean, I know I'm in good company with Brad, but does everyone else think she is the prettiest girl ever made?
When Fedotowsky started giving Emily advice, I seriously was like laughing. Ali is ok, she is cute enough, I guess.... but comparing her to Emily is just funny. I mean, I know the point of all this wasn't to compare looks and all that, but I kind of felt like none of the girls could REALLY relate to Emily, because she is just SO pretty and sweet, that I think what she's really thinking is -- Uhmm... yeah is this REALLY worth it, when she could go have her pick from ANY man she wanted and not have to deal with all this. I just don't think people who aren't that beautiful can really understand what that is like.So good old Molly of Molly and Jason fame got a nice slam in to all the bloggers out there!! She made fun of us for sitting behind a computer and just writing stuff!!!
Anyway, then they replayed the engagement that we had seen a mere hour earlier for Brad and Emily to watch and behold. So obviously I had been watching the whole episode, thinking I was so clever for noticing that Emily didn't have her ring on... but then they just HAD to pull one final trick out of the bag... it was being RE-SIZED!! Awwww... how sweet! I needn't have worried.
Evidently, Chris Harrison was wearing Emily's engagement ring for safe keeping this whole episode!!

So, there's that!!

That's all she wrote. Brad and Emily are not doing press today, and issued this statement:

"At long last, Emily and I can be open to the world and each other about our relationship. Though we are madly in love, it has been a bumpy couple of months for us and our priority right now is to focus on our relationship. We hope that you can respect our privacy as we return to normalcy and begin our off-screen lives together."

We shall see!!!

Until next time......

Julie Julie


  1. Julie! Didn't they have MONTHS to resize the ring? SERIOUSLY! Also, I have to admit that I've only watched maybe 5 minutes of the show, BUT if my memory is correct, the winner from Charlotte has a little girl? I'm guessing that she has a nice life in CLT with some SERIOUS priorities that don't include moving to a new city for some man. Just saying....
    That might be a big difference between this couple and previous couples on the show. Did any of the others have kids?

  2. Julie! I'm glad you mentioned that you think she's the prettiest girl in the world, because I've been wondering what other people think. I do not share this sentiment. Obviously I can see where you're coming from with this. My problem is this -- I can't get past how fake she looks at such a young age. She looks like she could be a Real Housewife of Charlotte. Like her teeth are really fake, her hair is fake and her lips look fake. I've seen some old pics of her and she definitely looks different. She reminds me of Holly Madison, but I actually think Holly is naturally prettier than Emily. She's not really doing it for me. I think you could take any small person, dye their hair blonde, give them dentures and a boob job and have them look exactly like Emily. I think Crazy Michelle is prettier.

  3. I love your thought bubbles and I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed Chris' fugly ring!

  4. I also think Emily is like the PRETTIEST girl ever. And she looked way more natural on ATFR and she was still stunning. Hate her haha

  5. ok. I'm so getting in on this "do we think Em is pretty" conversation - mostly bc the women i think are GORGEOUS - NO ONE else does - including my fiancée, Max, or the 4 guys at the bar last Saturday when i pointed out a hot girl to them. hummm.....I've been very struck by Emily's looks from the beginning. However, i think it goes beyond her fake hair and fake teeth. I think it is the whole package. It's her southern accent and her poise (not to use the word of the day), her classyness, her personality, her confidence. Don't get me wrong, I've NEVER seen teeth like hers before, i mean, my god. They are WHITE, straight and perfectly in place. Her hair though is totally dyed. AND, there were NEVER any (that I saw) shots of her withOUT makeup on. If you really look at her eyes, she's got TONS of eye make up on - TONS. I would LOVE to see her w/o her makeup. I bet she'd still be REALLY pretty, but, I'm also saying, she does NOT just roll out of bed looking like that. So, there is a part of me that DOES think she is the most drop dead gorgeous woman - besides Rossyln the Goddess. Personally i think Chantel is REALLY pretty. She had THE HOTTEST beach photo shoot pictures by FAR from the beach shoot that they did. Also, i liked that she was NOT a size 0, and she did have HUGE boobs - which i can not relate to sadly.

    Personally, i feel bad for ALL 3 of them. All of them. Chantel bc she was REALLLLLLYYYY in love with Brad and got curbed. Brad bc he is REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY in love with Emily and he's GOING to get curbed. And Em bc she can't handle the lime-light and is in this aweful relationship that she IS going to eventually end. My God the woman is 24. Meaning, when he turns 40 - 40 people 40, she will only be 26. What gorgeous 26 yr old is going to be with a 40 yr old man....??????? I don't know. I do NOT see this having a happy ending.

    Also, i am bitter against ABC for basically making this season the love story of Brad and Chantel and then having him pick Emily. It was like watching a romantic comedy movie but then all of the sudden it ends and one of the stars of the show runs off w/someone else and the other one leaves heartbroken - The End. You're just like....wait....what? I just watched 8 weeks of Brad & Chantel and now he's w/Em.

    And, yes, I too am glad Em brought up how she looked SOOO boring - cause she DID.

    Also, here is MY advice, and i don't even have to go on the show to tell you this - do NOT watch the show. Why would you torture yourself EVERY Monday night like that. Good God i can't even IMAGINE that - I'd be in a F'ing mental institution if I did that. Chris Harrison at the After the Final Rose would be like, "well, Andrew Firestone picked Grace who has recenlty been taken away in a straight jacket after watching episodes of the Bachelor." I mean, let me just throw it out there - i am an insanely jealous woman - if provoked. And i can tell you know, watching my fiance MAKE OUT with 25 other women EVERY monday night and roll in the sand with them etc. that would provoke me. I'd LOOSE it. Our relationship would be doomed from Day one of the premier of the season. I mean, seriously can you imagine WATCHING on TV your fiance making out w/other girls and telling other girls how much they mean to him - F that. Shit, Em is probably thinking she can TOTALLY get a man who would NOT make out w/25 other women. Nope, they are doomed.

  6. http://jeffgordon-24.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=196&forum_id=8

    Apparently Em still lives in the house that she lived in w/Ricky.....

  7. I'm with Grace about the extreme age difference? Brad is 14 years older than Emily !!
    Hello she should not have even been cast for the show-! in the first place. When he is 60 she will
    be 46. Do you know any 60 year old men who are fun to be around? I don't-!
    About Chantal – have to admit that while she seemed fun-loving, her relationship
    with Brad seemed to lack dimension…she’s
    fresh off a divorce and falling in love with Brad after what…?…two dates…?… Please. No man has to work for her affection–all a guy must do
    is appear interested – I guess-? Most men want more of a challenge…at least in the beginning.
    And Chantal has now moved on from Doofus Brad and has found what she’s “always wanted” ? Please.
    It’s way to soon after having your heart broken to find your true love-!


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