Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Royal Wedding Watch

Hi All!!

Was your Monday night as empty and lonely as mine was, without the likes of Womack and his gaggle of young girls to fill your heart with love and desire??!?!?!
Well, I have another topic I have been meaning to get off my chest: Prince William and Kate Middleton.
So when I first heard about the Royal engagement, I was back home in Charlotte, NC with my parents as my Dad was having knee surgery. My Mom AND I were sitting in the hospital waiting room and it was ALL OVER the news. My first reaction was: "OMG, who CARES!!!?!?!?!!" I was just kind of over the Royals in general. I mean, it IS 2011.

Anyway, when I got back to work, I was of course forced to see and hear more about those two crazy kids in deeper detail.After learning more about them --- and I know this will really mean A LOT to the royal couple --- I give Prince William and Kate Middleton my blessings for their marriage.

I just think that they both seem like nice young people. They have been together for like nine years or something?? So I really support that, because I think it's important to know each other well before you get married... as opposed to, oh I don't know.... meeting someone for a few weeks on reality TV. Especially in the case of marrying a Prince where you will basically have to sign over your life to the public, I think it is EXTRA important to know what you are getting into. I guess he is considered a "catch" or whatever, but I seriously would NOT want to hand over my life and freedom like that, so I think she is nice to marry him.Apparently, Diana was only 19 when she married Charles, who was 32 (approximately? if my math is right). So THAT was doomed from the start if you want my opinion. It is my belief that getting married so young is NOT a good plan. And getting sucked into the royal family like that would be difficult at any age.
Kate is a much more respectable age of 29. I think that is a much more appropriate time to get married. In fact, she is even somewhat of a cougar, being about six months older than William.

So, I saw the two of them giving some interview or something, and they both just seemed very nice and poised and polite. When Kate was asked how she felt about being compared to Diana, etc, William said that there was no pressure for her to be like anyone else, she would be her own princess. And also Kate seemed very nice and composed when talking about their relationship, and the time when they broke up.

So I really support them and wish them the best. They seem like two nice people and I wish them a lifetime of Royal Happiness!!Their wedding will be on April 29 if anyone wants to start a countdown.


  1. You should recap dancing with the stars!

  2. i do not give a S about their wedding and i wish the world would get the F over it!!!!!!!!!!!!


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