Monday, March 14, 2011

Sometimes There Is No Take Home Message

Ok, I will be honest and admit that I came up with that headline two weeks ago. I really tried to avoid the spoilers, so that I could watch the season "fresh," but unfortunately I was eye-raped as I trolled around other sites trying to promote my blog and saw that Chantal was the winner. That is what Reality Steve promoted from the beginning... Chantal wins!! Then recently, like a week or so ago, he changed his tune and said that no, EMILY is the winner.

So anyway, that's when I came up with the headline... because seriously... I can't relate to EITHER of them. When the "winner" was Chantal, I could kind of see it and get behind it, but with Emily "winning" I am so lost, I have no words.

So anyway, that's when I came up with that profound headline -- sometimes there IS no take home message!!! Because it also correlated with things in my own life. You guys, sometimes things really just are NOT fair!!! There is no lesson to be learned, no good comes from certain things. There's nothing you can do but just live through it!!

Well then unfortunately the EQ hit Japan on Friday, and it actually fits my title even more. Like so much to the point that it's really not even funny. It's just plain TRUE. Living in Southern California, I too live with the constant knowledge that "The Big One" could hit us anytime. And it's so scary to think what that would even look like. And honestly, as much as it sucked when the EQ hit Haiti, I can personally relate/emphasize with the one that hit Japan even more, because that is an industrialized country with stricter building codes. So if some EQ came and rocked LA, it would be somewhat similar to what happened in Japan. And it's really unimaginable. Just soooooo much destruction!!!!!! It's so sad and crazy. I mean, I guess I would just try to hop on the first plane I could catch back to the East coast, where I am really from. And pray to GOD that my two cats (MK and Ash) were safe and could fly back with me. I don't know. It's just really sad. Sooooooooooooooooooooo sad what happened over there, and I mean this NOT in a funny way--- what IS the THM???? If there is one, I personally don't see it yet.

Ok, then also..... I am NOT trying to be like crazy and doomsday saying... BUT... you know how the world is supposed to end in 2012??? Well, all I am saying is that A LOT of bad and/or crazy things sure DO seem to be happening lately. We have all the people uprising in the Middle East trying to take back the night from their insane, oppressive dictators. Then we have flocks of birds and fish washing up DEAD on the land.... Hmm..... I don't know. I'm really not trying to minimize any of these events... but seriously a LOT of crazy things ARE happening lately!

So sometimes, I reflect and think what my Grandparents must have thought back in their day. It was World War 2 or something, and the threat of what---- nuclear attacks??? I really don't know my history.... but there were these World Wars breaking out... THAT must have been VERY hard to live with. And here I am living in a time with no wars... yet I feel this fear that the economy is going to full-on collapse, and with all these bizarre things happening, I feel like we could be on the brink of World War 3.


Sorry for the INTENSE divergence from Bachelor-related material. But honestly, I found this finale to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO depressing that it offered me absolutely NO relief from all the bad things that are happening in the world.

So... you know, in college I studied popular culture, and media (and Economics, whooo!!!). And there was this insight that showed that the worse things are in the world, the more fluffy and corny/ridiculous the popular entertainment of the day. I forget the exact examples, but I guess they were pointing out the extremely corny, ridiculous entertainment of like what --- the 50s or something?? This ridiculous and cheesy entertainment prevails while there are all these heavy and serious things going on in the world.

And I have to tell you that I kind of feel like that's what's happening now. I mean -- Dancing With the Stars?????????? THAT is some cheezy SHIZ right there!!! The Bachelor --- CHEESE!!! There is a LOT of cheesy and hokey entertainment that is en vogue right now.... Glee!! When I think back to the 90s... grunge rock was cool -- like Kurt Cobain and flannel and ANGST! Angst was IN! Now, I feel like these TOTALLY cheese-tastic shows are in... or Jersey Shore... SOOOOO ridiculous! And I feel like it corresponds with how BAD things are in the world.

So anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the philosophical divergence. And that's right --- I don't have any funny captions this week either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously --- I just have NO interest in Brad Womack picking Emily Maynard. I am sorry, but I just can't relate to that on ANY level... not even on a level that I could make fun of them!

I'm sorry, but I really don't find it funny or interesting or entertaining. I find it nothing but DEPRESSING at this point. Brad is THIRTY EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emily is what -- I can't remember even from my own chart, 24, or 25 or something??? I dunno.

Obviously I have nothing particularly bad to say about Emily. Who would??? What's bad to say? She is beautiful and sweet. And if anyone of my naysayers want to say "Oh Julie, you are just jealous." Well YEAH!!!!!!!!! Of COURSE I am jealous!!!!!!!! What's not to be jealous of!!?!?!? She is this beautiful, sweet, "poised" little, BLONDE Southern Belle with a cute(-ish) daughter and she basically just has everyone give her stuff.

So, I think that Lisa called it!! She said -- Emily is just used to having everyone do stuff for her, because she is beautiful and sweet. Well, I totally agree and think she hit the nail on the head. That IS is. I think Emily IS a very nice, sweet girl, but I really DO get the vibe that she is used to having people do things for her, because she is so sweet and beautiful... like for example, I don't know... buy her a HOUSE.

Well, I am sorry, but I can NOT relate to that on ANY level whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!! For better or worse (mostly worse, maybe??!??!?!!) I am an independent woman!!!!!!!!!!! I have NEVER had a man in my life just so that he can provide things for me, such as food and shelter. I am really, seriously sorry, but there is just no part of me whatsoever that can relate to Emily, other than to be jealous of her!!!!!!

Chantal I could relate to a little bit more, because at least she had some spunk in her. I really can't relate to growing up in that kind of ridiculous mansion, but at least she seemed more like she had her OWN free spirit.

And Mr. Bradly Womack.... I mean, I just don't even know what to say. Good for him???? I guess???? I mean, if you want to own a bar for 39 years, and then one day go marry a hot 24 year old with a cute, blonde daughter.... then good for you?????????? I mean, do whatever in the hell works for you, but I sure as sh!z can't relate to that.

SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just really don't see anything romantic, cute or relatable in ANY of this disaster.

What in the HELLLLLLLLL am I supposed to find cute or sweet about some old man bar owner marrying some cute, hot little 24 year old blonde girl?!?!??!

Whatever. I just don't even know what to say. So, sorry to be a big old DOWNER this week, but yeah, that's about all I have.

So, it is official, 100% of the votes came back for me to dye my hair back to brown, and by 100%, I mean, all TWO of them!! Lisa and Grace! I am very excited to go back to my natural roots, which is why it's even more depressing to watch Emily "win" the final rose. Chantal is very pretty, you guys!

I am going back to brown hair. And I am 32 and single and do NOT have a kid or a house that someone bought me. That is all I have.

So, if anyone else has any comments, thoughts or feelings that you need to get off your chest, feel free to do it here!!!!

Also, I would really like to thank everyone who left me positive and encouraging comments all season!!!!!!!!! I kind of feel like Clay Aiken, when he came out of the closet! He was worried that people might not accept him, but instead, everyone was like "You go, girl!!" I feel the same way!! So thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!

I will see you next season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


--- Julie Julie


  1. I agree about it being hard to relate to Emily! Definitely one of those beautiful people who have everything handed to them on a silver platter. Although "winning" this season was definitely no prize!

  2. You know something? I think you are right about the correlation between fluffy shiz on TV and the state of the world. There are some really terrible, scary things going on and I've felt this way since the housing market went down and the gas prices went to four bucks a gallon. And even though things have improved slightly, I just can't shake the feeling of doom. The EQ in Japan was kind of a surprise...but then again, I was thinking on some level, yeah, ok, this fits. The nuclear disaster that is at this moment still unfolding is also another notch on the cosmic belt.

    The bachelor phenom along with all the other fluffy stuff exists just so we all don't go slit our wrists.

    By the way, I've said it before but I love your blog. You are very funny. VERY FUNNY!


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