Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Chart

Ok! So I felt bad after my last post.... which upon further reflection, I realized I could have given some more information/insight/opinions on all of the women. After I watched the show again, I realized I really let a lot of stuff slide.

So, to make up for my lacking... I have created a beautiful chart so you can easily reference who was kicked off!!!! Obviously I took all the headshots off the ABC website. But I compiled them into one picture, and wrote their names, AGES, job/city right on their faces, so you can easily remember who is who, etc.

Also, here is another tip... I can't really change the size of the picture in my actual blog main page, but if you click on the picture, it will take you to a bigger size of it, if you need to read it more clearly.


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  1. i love how for her job, you put madison down as a vampire. hahahahahahhahahah


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