Friday, February 4, 2011


Hi People,
I have joined Twitter!! So far, I have 0 followers. How do you get ppl to follow you? You would think I should really know more about Twitter, since I work for the Internets, but I don't, and frankly I find the Twit kind of confusing.

So I started following a bunch of old Bachelor/-ette contestants. And isn't there like a hash-tag you can do or something, to make your post relate to something??? #Bachelor??? I really don't know. Whatever, I guess I'll figure it out. Most exciting is I found Craig R, who is one of my favorites.... maybe the most favorite.

Anyway, the point is -- I was planning to use The Twit for now to announce when I have a new blog posting up, since I think that "following" me on this Blog does absolutely nothing... no notice when there is a new post, etc.

Julie Julie


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