Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well That Was Fast

It's only my third week as a celebrity blogger and I've already landed a legitimate gig at

Before you get too excited, I won't be re-capping The Bachelorette (***fingers crossed***hopefully one day***life goal***washer-dryer in my unit***).

BUT... I WILL be re-capping a show that has a past Bachelor contestant in it!!!
It's a new VH1 show called "You're Cut Off" about rich kids/people who are suddenly cut off from their enablers parents. This should be fun, since I am passionate about children being cut off from their parents. I know below I stated that nothing annoys me worse than men calling me (or other women) "darling, sweetie, honey, babe, toots" etc. (Hahaaaa can u imagine if a guy actually called a girl TOOTS??). But now that I have thought more about it, I realized there IS something else I have even less respect for and that is grown people who are still supported by their parents.
Former Bachelor contestant, Erica... the rich princess from Prince Lorenzo's season... is on the show. Lorenzo was one of my all time favorite Bachelors, due to his weird-ness and the subtle gay vibe. I also thoroughly enjoyed Erica's Paris-Hilton-wanna-be antics. I also remember that despite her putting on a show of being a shallow, spoiled princess, she did seem to have pretty good insight into people. I remember her telling one of the other ladies that she needed a big, buff football player dude of a boyfriend. The girl was all offended (afterall Prince Lorezno was The Bach that season)... but Erica was totally right I remember.

My goal is to have enough followers that there are two rows of them. I got one more follower tonight, but sadly, she is still on the first row. I'm hoping to get a few more and actually have a second row started. Hahahaaa

So this should be fun! Don't worry, I will still be doing Bachelorette blogs over here!!


  1. All I have to say is THANK GOD the weatherman is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOO. On the other hand I was very sad to see Jesse go home too, although I loved his comments about wanting acres and cows :) hahah. that is MY kind of MAN!


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