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Bachelorette Episode 610 Recap!!!

The Take Home Message: The Men Tell Nothing and Everyone Loves Craig R.

So I thought about not dignifying this episode with a re-cap. But then I realized that is ridiculous and I'd only be hurting myself by doing that.
However, some of this crap really has been re-hashed so much that I really won't dignify it with a comment. Mainly, I am talking about the Rated R girlfriend crap. I really have nothing left to say about that contrived-ass storyline. I've been over him since approximately episode three I think and I find it completely un-interesting at this point.
At least the Frank girlfriend at home storyline was interesting and compelling. To everyone who is pissed about Frank not being at the MTA, Hare said that he would be at the After the Final Rose show next week.Anyway, as per use, the best part of the show was the bloopers reel. Roberto and the champagne attempted murder wasn't that funny.... because Roberto is a snooze fest.
Frank's family's faux toast also wasn't funny. I really hope that Frank didn't inherit his father's sense of humor if he wants to be a successful screenwriter at all. What a dweeb-a-zoid.The astronaut black out memory was OK I guess. Mainly interesting to learn that she was so drunk that night she can't even remember putting on the astronaut helmet.

Being a Cat Lady myself, I thought the part where the cat came and ate their dinner was all right. I mean, my cats are way cuter though.
THE PHANTOM MENACEOk, now this was actually probably in my opinion the most interesting part of the entire show. I really liked the Chris N. slash Phantom segment. I thought that was really funny, as I have also known people who are creepy lurkers who just appear and disappear at random. One might say that they just do a sixty frame dissolve into non-existence. I am really not that tolerant of socially inept people, but this dude Chris N. didn't necessarily seem that creepy, just kind of bizarre. Or maybe he was creepy. I don't know, I just thought the whole phantom thing was funny.
ALSO, I think it gave good insight into the show in general. Chris [Harrison] was like "Everyone thought that we just edited him that way, but no, he really WAS a fader." THIS is what I have been trying to say slash thinking all along. Obviously, I think that this show is contrived and scripted and formulated. BUT, it's contrived, scripted and formulated around people's real personalities. So the reason I watch it is because I get a kick out of trying to identify what everyone's real motives are on the show.
I think most reality shows are fake contests and voting people off the island over drama I can't stand to listen to. BUT when you throw love and dating into it.... no matter how immune you try to stay, somehow these people always get sucked in and their minds get totally messed with. Twenty five people fighting to date one person is ridiculous and messes with everyone's head.
So people end up getting fixated on this goal of dating this one person... who is most likely very wrong for them. Hey, I mean, the odds are stronger that any two people are NOT compatible than that they ARE.
THAT is the reason that I relate to the show and find it interesting and also the reason I believe everyone else does as well. Everyone can relate to being fixated on the wrong guy. And it's a great pleasure to watch other people go through that suffering. Hahaha!
WHICH is why I am NOT convinced that Bachelor Pad is going to be good at all. Everyone else seems to be extremely excited about it. But I am really not convinced honestly. It looks like a bunch of contrived contests to me, which I really don't find interesting. I mean, I have never gotten into watching Survivor or anything like that. And this kind of looks like a Survivor type of show to me. Only like one thousand times sleazier and more obscene. I also am really not a fan of lurid, graphic, crude sex scenes. In fact, I'm kind of taking more and more after my Mom the older I get, in that I kind of prefer G-rated entertainment over smut. I also hate rape scenes, especially when they are gratuitous. (Murder is cool.... as long as no one gets raped first). (Also, I do NOTx10000 recommend seeing "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"... that sh!t scarred me for life).
Anyway, point being--- when I saw shots of the people in the Bachelor Pad sleeping in the same room and gallivanting around in the hot tub, I had to run to the bathroom and throw up. Then I had to think of scenes from "The Sound of Music" to try to trick my mind into thinking that men and women really do have pure intentions for each other and only want to marry each other and raise each other's seven bastard children. Sorry ABC, but hot tubs, hooking up, fighting, drama is NOT why I watch the Bachelor/ette. I watch IN SPITE of that crap.
Also, I kind of have the same feeling about people who get voted off The Bachelor as I do about real life exes.... I don't care about them and I'm not really interested in hearing anything from or about them ever again for the rest of my natural life.
So, I am NOT committing to re-capping this show. I will definitely give it a TRY and watch at least the first episodes and see how it goes. Maybe if my loyal fan base is just dying for me to blog about Bachelor pad, they can all chip in and buy me an expensive purse. That would definitely motivate me to write up that show.
Anyway, I digress.... if by digress I mean just talked about the most important information to come out of this boring MTA.
Let's see... what else happened of note....

As I said, everyone loves Craig R. I noticed he got a loud cheer when they were all introduced. I guess he just had some smart, funny comments. Whatever.
Weatherman is still gay. And funny. I still think he's funny.
Regarding Frank, I'm not really sure why the men all defended him so much. I don't really have much else to say about the dude. I still think he's a neurotic weirdo. He's the kind of person whose insecurities make him a wild card.... you never know what hurtful antics he may have in store. Personally, I don't really have a need for neurotic weirdos in my life.
I thought Kasey's serenade to Ali was cute and he seemed cool in general. Like Craig R. said, and they all seemed to say -- Kasey is crazy, but still OK. I liked how he said - bottom line, at least he's a good memory. That's actually a really good Take Home Message. Even if things can't work out in a dating situation... at least if you're not a jerk, you probably didn't give someone bad memories.

Kirk almost put me into a coma when he had his heart to heart with Hare.
I guess another general note is on men as a group. Even though lately I'm pretty much in a man-hating phase, this episode did remind me of at least one thing men are good for: straight-forwardness. I like how they all just call Chris N. a creepy phantom. Kasey K. is crazy. The Weatherman is a sell out. Justin is a creep. Frank is a good guy (not sure why they all think that). They just tell it like it is, without any pretense. Girls are way more passive-aggressive, indirect liars. I actually feel bad for men who have to date women, because women make no sense. At least guys just call it how they see it.... not really saying stuff for any ulterior motive other than just saying what they see. (Well, at least that is how NORMAL men act... I know there are some manipulator men out there who enjoy pushing buttons and always have an angle slash agenda.... and I ain't got time for them.)Anyway, that's about all the interesting, useful info we got out of this show.

Here's a bunch of AMAZING behind the scenes coverage if you're interested.

Darn, Craig R. found a girl.... they all have basically.

Yours in the Single Life,
PS - There's a Bachelor show on E! Wednesday (tonight). Bachelor: Then and Now or something like that, so I obviously recommend watching it. I believe it's on at ten.PPS - The M&M's commercial about the pretzel getting inside the M&M is really gross and inappropriate. I wish they'd stop.

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