Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Julie and Sarah Do Kimmel Live

So, thanks to Paulette, who hooked up me and Sarah with tickets to see Ali and Roberto on Jimmy Kimmel Live. As soon as we arrived, we saw Ali in the alley... (hahaha!!) She came outside, looking for some alleged fans who had wanted to get a picture with her... but the fans were no where to be seen. Not wanting Ali to feel embarrassed, Sarah and I graciously offered to take our picture with her:
Sarah had the brilliant idea to take the Metro down to Hollywood and Highland. And it was definitely the best idea ever. It took us like five minutes. If we had tried to drive, we would have been stuck in traffic for hours.
The "Step Up 3D" or something premiere was also happening on Hollywood Blvd, and put a real cramp in our style trying to get backstage to Kimmel.
But we made it back stage to the green room where we got food and drinks and witnessed Ali and Roberto "canoodling." We got to see the show from there and it was fun.
So I have not thoroughly watched the finale episode yet, just sort of scanned through it. Sorry to be rude, but I find Roberto incredibly boring. And Chris L. mystifies me.
Re-cap coming soon!!!!!


  1. OMG. U have a picture w/Ali!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Angela. Or is it Julie Julie?August 4, 2010 at 12:49 PM

    i feel like i got to take a pic with ali since you're basically my twin in this picture :)
    can't wait for the re-cap! i'm sure it will be MUCH more entertaining than the actual show, which was one big snooze fest.
    can you feel the looove tonight??


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