Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Next Bachelorette

So, Ali.

At FIRST I was a fan of her when she went on her one-on-one with Jake, and they played "On the Wings of Love" whilst an airplane cruised across our screen.

THEN she started hating on Vienna and being OBSESSED with how wrong Vienna was for Jake, and that is when she lost me.

Then she acted contrite, but I wasn't buying it. At that point, I realized that she was NOT into Jake, and all she was into was being The Next Bachelorette.

I did not buy that whole crying on the phone begging Jake to take her back. I even fast forwarded through it, and I NEVER ff The Bach. In fact I usually loop back repeatedly. I think she was conflicted because she wanted to be The Next Bachelorette and famous. But if she stuck around, there was a chance that Jake would pick her and she would win. It would never work out between the two of them, since she wasn't into him, and she would have blown her chance of being The Next Bachelorette. But if she LEFT --- would they still be interested in casting her as The Next Bachelorette.

That is when I started to see the theme emerging: Ali: For Love or Money.

So, FINE. I will watch her and see what happens.... plus I have to watch, so I can get to know whoever will be The Next Bachelor.

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