Monday, April 11, 2011

Reality Rocks Convention

Hello Everyone!!

Last weekend, I had the chance to go to the Reality Rocks Convention in Los Angeles (where I live). To be quite honest with you, I wasn't that excited about going, because I'm kind of tired of old Bachelor/-ette contestants. I think for me, I'm more interested in watching the show itself and breaking down and analyzing people's behavior and calculating how they are being manipulated and then from that extracting life lessons. That is really what my blog is about. I'm just not all that especially interested in what Natalie-Who-Loves-Bears is doing with her life. No offense to Nat!! I mean, I really enjoyed her on the show... but I don't know that I needed to devote a Saturday to seeing these cats in the flesh.Anyway. It turned out to be fine. The MOST exciting celebrity spotting I had was when I saw Reality Steve. Now, I have always found his blog to be really funny. He is very irreverent. So on my blog, I'm always kind of trying to not quite "go there" so that I don't lose my job, get sued by ABC and then end up homeless on the streets (which is my deepest fear). I also get worried, thinking about what would the contestants say/think when I see them in person?!?!?!?! I know these fears are not founded in "reality" (get it, punny!!), but that doesn't stop me from having them.... I have to worry about SOMETHING. Anyway, RS has no such worries or inhibitions, so I find it even funnier when I read his blog and he just SAYS things, then I am like -- "Yeah, wow, I really shouldn't worry about my little comments."

Also, I am impressed with how many WORDS he has. Like personally, my brain is overflowing with words, like alphabet soup or cereal. If you sat me in front of a keyboard and told me to type for twenty minutes, I'd write like a hundred pages or something... and that would be single spaced 10 point font. It's embarrassing when I write emails. So for someone to be able to out-write and out-type me and write so much that even I can't read it all --- is pretty impressive. I was pretty excited to see him and he was nice enough to let me interview him... so click above to check out the interview. I think I did okay, considering that this all happened on the spot, so it's not like I had time to prepare or think of questions ahead of time. The other thing to note in the video is how much I talk like a Valley-Girl. Uhhmm... WOW. I think I might need to enroll in speech therapy sessions with my sister Angela who can help me with some "accent modification." Geezus.

The next best thing at the Reality Expo was Jillian Harris. I unfortunately did not actually get to interview her personally, but my co-hort Paige got a good interview with her. I am putting up her as her own video in honor of Grace, who LOVES Jillian, Jilly-beans. Jillian is also my favorite of all the -ettes.

So I actually didn't know and/or remember that she was working on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but I am very pleased to learn that and fully support her career choice. I always thought she had a great television personality (unlike SOME of the other Bachelor/-ettes, who will remain nameless.) So I am really happy to see that she is working on that show and loving her job. I was also interested to hear about the book she read about nice girls not getting rich or whatever. I need to look into that, because I too am a nice girl who is currently NOT getting rich... and I really don't support that.

ALSO, I thought it was cool how she said that she should not have taken her engagement with Ed seriously. Yeah... I OBVIOUSLY agree with that statement.... actually I think the whole world could have told her that... AT THE TIME. But oh well... I guess that is what they mean when they say "Love is blind." At least she dumped his ass and moved on.

Okay, and finally, I lumped the rest of the interviews we got into one video. I don't know if you heard or not, but Kasey "I will guard and protect your heart" Kahl is now dating Vienna, the one who would not stop INTERRUPTING Jake-Tom-Cruise-Pavelka. I actually think that they make a really good couple, for some odd reason. Maybe I am just being a softie romantic! We'll see what becomes of them.

And then Kiptyn and Tenley are still "going strong." Honestly, something about them doesn't quite sit right with me... like I don't know, it seems like there's something disingenuous about them. Not really sure what their deal is, but hey--- whatever works.

We got a little bite from Mike Fleiss, who is the skeezy creator of the show... yeah, he is really skeezy. But tall (Mollie, I'm talking to you.) Actually I was really surprised by how tall several of them were. Kasey is really tall too. Kiptyn and Tenley are not.

But back to Fleiss... yeah, that is one skeezy dude. Has this been talked about or said before -- I totally feel like he bangs a lot of the girls. Or sad, pretty girls that WANT to be on the show. Just, ew...... or good for him...
And finally, we got blown off by Ali and Roberto's bitch-ass publicist. THEY were really nice and TOTALLY would have given us an interview, but we got stuck in the WORST position on the red carpet... DEAD LAST, like we weren't even ON the red carpet anymore, that's how far away we were. And when you are on the END like that, you don't get interviews, bc the stars are over it by that point, or their SNOTTY publicist pulls them away after they already conducted ten interviews. I got very huffy and started saying things like "OMG, you do NOT treat Entertainment Tonight like this!!! My producer will hear about this!!! We are the number one syndicated news magazine in the world!!!!!!!!" However, none of that helped. Unfortunately, we were there for the website (and umm, kind of my blog) so no one really gave an S.

Anyway, that's about it. Overall, it was a standard day, not great and not horrible. I just wish that I could somehow explain what it's really like to people. Like, I think the event itself was a bust. There was very small turnout... and it's at a CONVENTION center downtown. Maybe it is just me?? But I feel like there's something inherently creepy and kind of just off about convention centers. I can't imagine what it would be like to be one of these contestants that was on a few seasons ago and now just doing random things like Reality conventions?? The red carpet was pretty small. And red carpets are so weird in real life, because there really aren't glamorous. They aren't moving and pushing in close on people and zooming up their legs, doing fashion tilts on their dresses. I think that is the most different thing about red carpets in real life, versus red carpets seen through camera lenses.... in reality they are just so static.

Then anyway, I don't think there were hugely major press outlets there... or maybe there were... you can't necessarily tell, unless it's someone with a mic flag. And it's just weird to see them give interviews to people, just walking straight down the line. And they're talking to people who don't really personally care what they have to say most likely, bc it's just people who are there working, doing their own job--- the press. So you have to be pretty narcissistic and a bit disconnected from "reality" (haha) in my opinion to just go around and talk about yourself like that, over and over and over. Like, I guess it's one thing to do the show, then go back to your normal life -- aka my favorite Shawntel, the funeral director. But I guess I feel it's a bit odd to do a season, then just keep hanging on and going to creepy convention centers in your spare time. But hey --- who I am to judge?!??! Maybe they got paid a pile of money to do it or something??? Who the hell knows. (Or cares?)

That's all for now!!!! Royal wedding is approaching... that's nice. And I guess Ashley is currently in the process of filming The Bachelorette right now. Fun stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!

Yours in the Single Life,
Julie Julie