Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Readers, Will You Accept This Apology?

Dear World,

I am very sorry for not re-capping and blogging this season of The Bochelorette. No, you did not read that wrong, it's not a typo... this season was a botched epic fail!!! Well, not really... I mean, what was I expecting??? I am just trying to blame my non-blogging on something besides myself!! Well, good news, the season is over and we can focus on Bachelor Pad... I can get a fresh start.So anyway, what does everyone think of Ashley picking JP? I think it was pretty obvious she was seriously infatuated with him, right? So it was not a big surprise.

The biggest take home message I got after watching the finale is that I really think Ashley is just not a nice person. I had forgotten about it, but I actually am pretty sure I called her out for not really being a good friend when she was on Brad's season. She is really NOT the kind of person I would ever want to be friends with. I remember how she acted on her two on one date with Brad and the other Ashley.... which was she was out for herself.

I also got this vibe from her at the MTA taping. I found her to be not really all that nice to the press and just got a general vibe that she is kind of stand-off-ish and not interested in really connecting with people.
But the main reason I now think that she is pretty rude, is that I REALLY think that she led Ben on. It's not just because that dude was SO SURE that he was going to marry her and "get a new addition to the family," but I saw the way that Ashley was acting to him in the mud bath. I am sorry, but she DEFINITELY was leading him on. I mean, yeah I get that you are "dating two men" blah blah blah whatever. AND, if she really DID have to figure out who she was going to pick, then that would be one thing. But I think it was really obvious that she was going to pick JP from the get-go... so she could have been dropping some hints to Ben that he would not be getting the final rose, rather than rubbing mud into his crotch and making him and the rest of America VERY uncomfortable.I think she genuinely got an ego trip out making Ben fall for her like that. Well, I guess she really needed one since she is so insecure. I really didn't buy any of her "Oh Ben, I really care about you, I feel so honored to have had you in my life!" I think she's a bit narcissistic.

As for her sister, I'm not really sure about that... at first, I thought the sisterWAS being rude and blunt. But then when Ashley confronted her, I was pretty annoyed with Ashley. She seriously did just want her sister's approval, not her honest opinion. It was pretty annoying. If either of those chicks was my sister, I would just leave the family. Oh, also... her sister is definitely prettier than Ashley, other than her sleeves.
Note to self: do not be a blunt bitch to younger sisters or brother.

So, this brings us to the next big life moment to ponder... who will BTNB (Be The Next Bachelor). Has anyone heard any rumors? I checked Reality Steve, but didn't see anything about who would BNTB. I am hoping that it will be Ben.
Now realistically, I think that RYAN would make the best NB (Next Bachelor). However, I am so in love with him, that I would have a nervous meltdown watching a whole season of hot, skinny girls throwing themselves all over him. Here is why he is perfect though. He is HOT. He is successful, nice, genuine... and best of all... a bit "off." Now, don't get me wrong, I am in love with him and hoping he calls (I slipped him my #### at the MTA). But I can definitely see why he is not for some people... after closely observing him this season, I have concluded that even though *I* am in love with him and definitely think he should marry me (I would be perfect for him), I can see how he is kind of intense and goofy or a "goober." (That is not my word, the Southern dude called him that at the MTA). He is pretty dramatic, so he would really be a good NB, because he would no doubt create lots of intense drama... he would cry, fall in love with several girls, talk about having no idea how hard it would be, etc. So really he would be the best. DAMN! But I want him for myself!!!

Anyway, we'll see, I guess.
It will be funny when/if her sister is right and Ashley and JP break up. Now, I have to say that I thought she should pick JP all along, but then my sister Grace pointed out a good theory... that Ben would actually BE better for her and she just wants JP bc he is the hot guy she could never get in real life. One good thing is that JP lives a lot closer to her and her family and where she's from, so I think that is helpful.

Overall, I have gone from being neutral about Ashley, to really not liking her that much at all. And I pretty much am really just not that interested in her or JP. I AM in love with Ryan.

Oh yeah, so remember on Ali's season, when I also fell madly in love with Chris L.... well, I am happy to report in case anyone was wondering that I am totally over him.

ANYWAY, I am 85.6% sure that I WILL commit to blogging and re-capping "The Pad." Last time, I dissed it, but this time I'm thinking I really owe the world since I bailed out on Bashley.

As soon as I know for sure, I will post and let you know for sure whether I will or will not re-cap it. It looks like it should be good and nasty!!

Yours in the Single Life,
Julie Julie


  1. Great post, Julie! I was actually pretty shocked when she picked JP. But, I now see the error of my ways - I didn't realize Ashley is a bad person. You're totally right, any nice person would NOT have led Ben on like that. I agree with Grace's theory - JP really is too good/good looking for her, so she wants to marry up. Good riddance Ashley, I'm over you and your annoying bangs.

    Why don't we ever hear from Jill? Boring people like Jason and Allie come back, but the one person we would love to see never makes an appearance! Where are you Jill!?

    Well, its time to move on to the Bach Pad. I'm completely over Ashley. I didn't even watch the whole ep of ATFR because I just didn't care enough.

  2. Julie Julie, I will accept your apology.

    I had forgotten about Ashley's two on one date from Brad's season. I think she was on a date with another girl named Ashley, who unfortunately got sent home? I was totally rooting for the other girl, b/c Bashley def seemed like a jerk!

    Poor Ben. Yes, I think she def knew all along she was madly in love in JP (obviously) and did lead Ben on. Oh well. Whatever, time for a different season!

    AngelDots, I totally agree about the annoying bangs comment! UHG AHHHH. She finally got rid of them for the ATFR - I wish she would have done that a LONG time ago...

  3. so glad to have you back!

  4. Sorry, but I personally am MADLY in LOVE with JP, the way you were last season w/Chris L & Ry from this season. And, I personally can NOT watch Ash & JP together cause I get so intensely jealous that I can NOT see straight. How in the HELL did she get JP?! And there HAS to be something wrong w/JP for him to be 34, be THAT HOT, that sweet, that PERFECT to still be single. I'm waiting to see what his flaws are. Kind of like Jake, he looked SO perfect, but deep down he is an psycho-murderer. JP has admitted to being stubborn...so i wonder how that will play out. Anyways, I really cannot watch them together cause he is soooo WAYYYYY out of her league.
    As for Ben, i TOTALLY agree, she led him on BIG time. I was 99% confident that she was going to pick JP, so watching her string Ben along was pretty bad. Why would you do that? The worst part was, seriously, when she was kicking his as8 to the curb she did NOT even look sort of upset - at all. People, she did NOT even cry, not ONE tear!!!!! And then she started in on that "oh, you're a great guy" WOW. Yeah. Brutal. That was really bad. I am SERIOUSLY wondering what is going to happen to those two, like the suspense of whether or not they are going to stay together is KILLING me!!!!
    Also, I am in love with Ames, maybe more intrigued than in love. He is just SOOOOOOOO cute!!!!! And smart and funny. I really like Ames a WHOLE lot. But my burning attraction for JP would blind me from choosing Ames the way it blinded Ash from choosing Ben, so i can relate.
    Julie, i HOPE Ry calls, but i HATE to say it, I've NEVER seen ABC set someone up like that to be the next Bach SO obviously. Sadly, Ry WILL make a GREAT Bach, much better than Ben, and also :( although i hate to admit it, better than Ames, even though i do love Ames.
    Ash & JP said they are 'done' w/TV for now, so it WILL be interesting to see what happens with them.
    And, i agree, whatever happened to Jilly-Beans? AKA the BEST Bachelorette EVER!!!! They should pull and Brad W and let her be the bachelorette again!!!! :)

  5. I agree she did lead Ben on and she really didn't need to say all the things she said to him on the home town visits (hers and his). Bottom line JP is older than Ben and I'm sure more experienced in the "sex"/love making department. But what happens when that initial "wow" factor begins to subside??I also think that his jealousy and obsession with her every move is going to interfere with their relationship. Ashley is all about Ashley and I think she loved that fact that JP was so obsessed with her. Chicken soup only goes so far!!! It will be interesting to see if it lasts.


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