Monday, July 11, 2011

Big Night!!

Well guys, I am pretty excited for tonight's Ep of The Bachelorette, how about you???

Did you notice that last week was a REPEAT?? Seriously?? Do you realize that is the first time EVER in the HISTORY of The Bachelorette (that I can remember) that they actually showed a RE-run?? Wow. What gives??

Anyway, the most exciting thing about tonight is that Em is going to sit down w/ Hare and talk about her break-up with Womack, which is now official.

I read the article and she said some business about Paparazi hiding out in her bushes. I dunno about that, really. I see paparazi footage every day and have also been following her story and I really haven't seen much footage of her trolling around Charlotte.

Brad and Emily were NEVER going to last, I think we could all tell that as soon as the finale aired last season. I'm just glad Hare got her to talk about it.

Also, let's see if she does the Bachelorette.... hmmm....

And I guess we'll continue to watch poor B-Ashley get trashed and abused by the show as well tonight! Fun times!