Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brad, Take Two??

So, the word on the street is that Mr. Brad Womack will Be The Next Bachelor.

As all of my fans know, I have ALWAYS said that Brad is my favorite Bachelor. I really thought he dumped both of those girls bc he was not into either of them, and I really thought that was a genuine and honest thing to do. I didn't think he was a jerk, I thought that he really just felt like he didn't want to lead either girl on.

Now, I do remember that he sent a lot of good girls home though, and in the end didn't really have any good girls left to choose from. I ESPECIALLY do not like DeAnna. I mean, she is the one season I actually did NOT watch... if you can possibly conceive of such a thing? So I'm not sure he is the brightest match in the shed.

I wonder if he will pull that prank again where he tries to trick the girls into thinking his twin is him?

Also, if I seriously have to see the clip of him again telling DeAnna that he can't look her in her EYE and say he loves her, I will DIE!

All in all, I guess I am ok with this decision. I guess he is cute?

I am also happy that Chris L. is not going to do it. I think that says a lot for him, like that he is genuine too, etc. But he might just be too busy playing beer bong?